BASE1 is a logistics center for dive operations, equipped to answer the needs of the more demanding divers.

Base1 aims to deliver excellence in dive education at all levels. We organise diver training through qualified Instructors from multiple agencies, covering diverse fields of expertise: recreational diving, technical diving, cave diving, rebreather diving and sidemount techniques.

We operate from Cala Gonone harbour, in the Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia. We have more than ten years experience in the cave systems of the Supramonte plateau and the springs of the Gulf. 

We also offer the required components to perform shipwreck dives, both technical and recreational.

Base1 has the knowledge and experience to offer our customers the ideal set up for their personal needs, be it in the Rec, Cave, Tech, scientific or professional arena.



Our brand new, fully refurbished dive base offers: outdoor and indoor showers, two classrooms, a large charging and work station for lights, video/photo gear and rebreathers, Free WiFi and a welcoming space to meet friends and have cold drinks or proper coffee.


SUEX DPVs fleet is available for rental; we offer XK and XJ scooters also in combination with ERON D-1 dashboard and Sinapsi mapping system. We offer daily rates and packages, Sinapsi workshops and tuition on request.


Tank hire (doubles, stages, deco cylinders, ccr O2/diluent) and tank refills. Our certified filling station has two new BAUER nitrox compressors with Securus system and MPS mixing panel and booster ramp


Our fleet of ribs allows us to offer the ideal diving platform according to the number of divers and amount of gear. Each of them is built to specification, so that surface operations are smooth and comfortable, be it fun diving, a diving class or a complex project with multiple teams and delicate gear.


Global Underwater Explorers Training programs are available at all levels. Learn to dive or become a professional, they are the ends of the same spectrum!

Get in touch with us to discover our training calendar, be it Fundamentrals, Cave1-2, Sidemount or DPV Cave classes.


Diving Fees 

Cave diving 

Standard 80€ runtime up to 90 minutes (Gas and rental cylinders not included)
Long Range 120€ runtime up to 180 minutes (Gas and rental cylinders not included)
Full day 250€ unlimited runtime (Gas and rental cylinders not included)

Grotta del Fico or southern caves 20€ fee extra per person for long range and fuel surcharge.

Shore dive 45€ including transportation by van, surface support and signalling device.


Ugo Bassi shipwreck 120€ per dive.  Dive plan to be agreed with skipper and teams involved.
KT-12 Shipwreck 100€
Nasello shipwreck 75€
Gases and tank hire not included. Included: transport, storage of equipment, use of diving facility, washing area.
Day 6 onwards 10% discount on diving fees.

Tank hire 

10€ per tank (i.e. doubles 20€, stage or deco tank 10€, ccr tanks 20€)


calculated per litre of tank and 200bar fill: 

Oxygen 0.025 Euro / per litre

Helium 0,065 Euro / per litre (price can change according to availability)

D12 nitrox32 fill 20€
S80 stage nitrox32 fill 10€

DPV Rental

Suex XJS 75€ per day

SUEX XK 90€ per day

Eron dashboard 50€ per day

Sinapsi navigation system  75€ per day (DPV not included)

Back up scooter free in case of primary DPV rental. 


We host classes and workshops organised by external instructors and experts renown for their unique talents and skills. Areas of interest include underwater photography, underwater videography, cave survey, mapping and cartography, scientific diving, CCR diving and sidemount diving. 

We support Phreatic project, who aims to boost citizen science fostering the interaction between cave divers and researchers on the field; Phreatic activities involve and coordinate a network of cave divers cooperating with science experts and deliver reliable results in areas where generally scientific research is not conducted due to the complexity of the environment. 



The Gulf of Orosei and its forty kilometres of development are one of the last areas of the Italian coast without buildings or roads, with a wild terrain behind it, difficult to penetrate and access even walking: the Supramonte limestone plateau. The coastline is one of the most beautiful geological scenarios in the Mediterranean area; high cliffs of white limestone dropping down into turquoise water and carved during geological eras by winds and the force of the sea. In this interface there are hundreds of caverns and caves (both dry and flooded), with some of the longest underwater cave systems of Europe. These springs are fresh water rivers with intrusion of saltwater from the sea. Multiple decorations and speleothems testify to the varying water levels during different ice ages and prove such environments were once dry; multiple branching passages, sumps and long shallow galleries make these caves the premiere cave diving destination in Europe and a maze still to be discovered and explored.

Main springs:

– Grotta del Bue Marino
– Bel Torrente
– Risorgenza di Cala Luna
– Utopia and Euforia
– Grotta del Fico
– Maseduoe

Each of them is incredibly different from the others, offering a lot of variety. Most caves present spectacular halocline, hydrogen sulphide, speleothems and varying morphology with vertical shafts, big phreatic passages and restrictions alternating themselves.
The average depth in most systems is extremely shallow (avg. 9 meters) with water temperatures of about 22 degrees in salt water and 15 degrees in the fresh water. These conditions allow for long bottom times and very limited decompression in caves with branching passages and very good visibility.Other systems are deeper and require advanced planning to execute more complex dives, with longer exposure and decompression times; an ideal scenario for rebreather cave dives.

This area offers also a lot of opportunities for sump diving and side mount passages, depending on divers’ level of experience and commitment.

Nothing compares to exploration




Alessandro has been diving since 1981 and in the early 90’s he located and explored wrecks in the North of Sardinia. In 2000 he took part in the Pag Island Wreck project that led to the discovery of six deep wrecks. As a member of the EKPP, he took part in several projects as support diver. He joined the WKPP in 2007. 2011 onwards he has led the FLD Team which comprises 25 active cave divers. He leads explorations and mapping projects, mostly in the Northern Italian Caves, accomplishing long dives in cold water. Inspired by his passion for diving and his desire to improve diving equipments, in 1999 he co-founded “Suex – The Submarine Exploration Company” with his business partner Marco Segatto.  Main goal was to manufacture a high performance diving vehicle for all professionals, explorers and deep divers but also for Military applications. Beyond being an eager and passionate underwater explorer for more than 20 years, he trains the military Spec Ops on the Suex DPV use and management.



Being a diving educator by profession and a cave diver by passion, Andrea spends most of the year in the island of Sardinia, teaching cave diving and running scientific/documentation and exploration projects in the underwater caves of the gulf of Orosei. He regularly dives the caves of Mexico, Florida and France, where he runs similar activities but with different groups and pursuing different goals.  As he is involved in multiple exploration, conservation and research projects all over the world (Italy, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Florida), he had the chance to meet and connect to many people, divers and non-divers alike, that can offer unique skills and capabilities; working with this network of researchers, divers and media experts is a key component of his job. In the last six years he has been leading the activities of Phreatic, encompassing both exploration and citizen science initiatives, focused on data collection, cave survey, cartography and 3D modelling using photogrammetry techniques.